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7hp PdPro Engine


  • PdPro, High speed domestic power washer

  • 2400Psi, 13Lpm A&R Pump

  • Direct Feed Water Supply

  • High Pressure Hose Quick Release Coupling

  • Detergent Application as standard

  • High Pressure Hose 9m

  • Wash Gun & 900mm Steel Lance

  • Low Profile Trolley Frame - Folding Handle for easy Storage & Transport.

  • Can also be supplied with fitted 20m hose reel

Honda gx 200 petrol powerwasher

7hp annovi reverbri italian pump 13 litres per minute 
This washer can be fed by the water tap.
AR Annovi Reverberi Pressure Washer Pump RCV3.5G25, 3.5USGPM, 13 LPM @ 2500 PSI. 
RCV3.5G25 series pumps are designed for a wide variety of high pressure washing applications. They are constructed with die-cast bodies and feature a brass head. Internal components include special thick solid ceramic plungers for long life and durability. Precision cast cooling fins are anodized for maximum heat dissipation. Oversized needle bearings on the drive side, and ball on the non-drive side together with the precision supports assure positive alignment and centering in relation to the crankcase. Valve cages of special designed Ultra-Form provide positive seating and extended life. Ball bearings on both sides of solid shaft drive pumps. One-piece connecting rods are special alloy aluminum, oversized for strength and load disbursement.


PdPro plus Mitsubushi 13hp petrol powerwasher

13hp petrol power washer 3000psi 21 litres per minute, heavy duty hose and lance,all washers are on anti vibrate rubber mounted trolleys with solid wheels

.Annovi Reverberi RKV 4G40H pump 3000psi 21 litres per minute 
• Manifold: High strength forged brass for long term use 
• Bolts: Eight 8mm grade 8.8 
• Plungers: A special thick ceramic for long life, strong durability, and more resilience 
• Crankcase: Precision die cast, large cooling fins, and anodized for maximum heat dissipation. Sight glass, fill and side and bottom drain plugs 
• Bearings: Oversized tapered roller bearing for maximum life and load disbursement 
• Bearing Support: Precision die cast and machined to assure concentricity and alignment 
• Valves, Seats, and Springs: Stainless steel with specially designed Ultra Form cages to provide long life and positive seating 
• Seals and V-packing: Continuously lubricating for extended life 
• Plunger Rods: Stainless steel construction for strength, no plating to scrape off, back up and oring plunger sealing system 
• Connecting Rods: One piece special alloy aluminum for higher pressure, oversized for maximum strength, load disbursement, and long life.


  • 30hp

  • 540rpm

  • 7.2kg

  • Pto shaft 800mm 6 spline

  • 200bar - 3000psi

  • Annovi Reverberi XWT21:20

  • direct drive or reduction gearbox

  • 21Litres per minute

  • L x W x H mm 410 x 780 x 870

  • Weight 38kg

  • Galvinised 3 point linkage frame

13HP Honda GX390 Petrol Engine

Italian High Quality Annovi Reverberi RW21.20 Pump

2:1 Reduction Gearbox

Flow Rate -21 litres per minute

Max. pressure - 200 Bar/3000PSI

Weight - 80KG

Cleaning Force - 7.2kg

Flow Pressure Detergent Application

9 metre high pressure hose with 900mm stainless steel

Frame - steel trolley, with low vib steel base plate

Lance With Adjustable Detergent Nozzle

Detergent Pipe With Filter

3 Metre Suction Pipe With Heavy Duty Filter









13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

13hp Loncin

VOLMAC Power Washer 13Hp Loncin Engine 3600Psi 18 L/min

Built for tough daily use by garages, farms, fleet operators and contractors this powerful petrol engined power washer has a tough protective steel frame for frequent daily use. 
3600psi Max Pressure. 
250 Bar. 
Adjustable pressure control. 
18 ltr/min Max Flow. 
Powerful 13Hp Loncin engine. 
10M High-Pressure Hose and Lance. 
Water inlet hose, detergent pick-up and filter. 
Folding handle for easy storage. 
Weight: 67.0 Kg 
Built on Anti-vibration blocks 
With this power washer we supply a high pressure hose & lance. 

10hp Yanmar Diesel Engine

Italian High Quality Annovi Reverberi

Weight - 80KG

Flow Pressure Detergent Application

9 metre high pressure hose with 900mm stainless steel couplings

Frame - steel trolley, with low vibration steel base plate

Lance With Adjustable Detergent Nozzle

Detergent Pipe With Filter

3 Metre Suction Pipe With Heavy Duty Filter

Annovi reverberi 1320 electric hot wash

Heavy-duty frame with stainless steel cover.

Triplex pump with ceramic pistons and connecting rod system.

Brass pump head.

Automatic by-pass valve.

Heavy duty single phase motor and magnetothermal moteor overload cutout.

Time delayed auto start/stop:

* Stop for leak detention

* Stop after 1 hour of total stop

* Stop for lack of water

* Stop for motor overloading

* System error warning light

* Thermostat 150°C

Pressure adjustment, low pressure control panel.

Power on, fuel level and TST lights

3 pressure switches at 24V

Stainless steel boiler (AISI 430)

Built-in detergent suction with getting adjustment

Fuel tank 24 litre

Electrical cable length 5 metre

• Delta°t: 55

• Max flow (gph): 159

• Max flow (lph): 600

• Max inlet water temperature °C: 150

• Max Pressure (bar): 130

• Max Pressure (psi): 1900

• RPM: 1450

• Unit dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1100X650X700

• Voltage (V): 230

• Weight (Kg): 110

PdPro Electric power washer

- 230volt single phase electric washer

- Annovi Reverberi HRC 12:10 pump

- 100bar 1500psi

- 12 litres per minute

- High quality wash gun c/w integrated swivel

- Stainless steel 900mm Lance c/w chemical nozzle holder and high pressure jet

- Quick release couplings fitted on high pressure hoses

- High quality 10m 3/8” bore twin wire rubber hose

- Steel tubular fully welded trolley frames with choice of it galvanised or powder coated. Advanced anti-vibration system with rubber feet

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